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Which Bridal Accessories?

Your wedding dress will doubtlessly be the centrepiece to your wedding. Once you have chosen it, you can accessorise around it and your choices are limitless.
Bride with veil The classic bridal accessory is the veil. It is timeless and is something you can keep alongside your dress forever. If you have chosen a traditional dress and a formal wedding style, then a veil is a must. You can choose many different veil styles, with different colours and tiers available. If your dress is a more contemporary design then you can wear an alternative headdress.

You can have a tiara handmade to your exact specifications for as little as £100, which is something you can pass on to future generations when they marry. You can also choose a fresh-flower headdress which is particularly effective for an outdoor wedding and you can easily make it match your wedding's colour scheme. Even more contemporary brides might want to try a classy and eye-catching headdress created using feathers. Anything from ice white feathers to peacock feathers can be used in creating these unusual headdresses. Nowadays with bridal wear, anything goes.

Aside from the rings, you can wear wedding jewellery. If you are wearing your hair up then wear a necklace and earrings. You should wear silver to complement a white dress, or gold with an ivory dress. If you've chosen a tiara, it should also complement your jewellery. Always keep it subtle though, you don't want anything that is so elaborate it will take the attention away from your beautiful dress.

Another traditional accessory to think about is the bridal garter. Before it was tradition to throw the bridal bouquet, it was customary to throw the garter. This saucy garment can be purchased fairly cheaply and even customised. Other wedding lingerie includes bridal corsets, which can also be used as part of the dress. These vary in price from £80 to £250 and are usually available in any size and colour. Other bridal lingerie is available on most underwear selling sites. You can mix pretty white lingerie with any white or ivory stockings. A few websites offer a bit of cheeky fun, with fluffy garters and underwear sets, and customised thongs with 'Bride' insignias on them. These are also great fun for your hen night.

Bridal Shoes The finishing touch of your wedding outfit must be the shoes. Be sure to choose something you're comfortable in as you will not just be wearing them down the aisle, it is likely you'll be wearing them all day. If you are used to spending 18 hours a day in 6-inch heels then you can pick shoes with a high-heel to team with your dress.

If you tumble off anything higher than an inch of heel, then go for a pair of pretty flat pumps. Remember, you have to be able to gracefully walk up the aisle, so you may have a beautiful pair of Jimmy Choos, but if you think they could cause you to take a trip you should opt for something flatter. Finally, if you have chosen to have a beach wedding, you may even want to get married in bare feet.

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