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Budget Weddings

If the tales of weddings costing upwards of £20,000 terrify you then don't worry, you're not alone. People save for years for their dream white wedding, and if you'd rather put the money into something like a house then you can still make the happiest day of your life amazing on a budget. Try looking for ideas at wedding fayres. Not only do they offer a wealth of inspiration for your big day, they are a great place to get discounts. You can negotiate a good price directly with the supplier and some exhibitors have special wedding fayre rates as standard.

The best way to save a bit of cash when planning your wedding is to DIY it as much as possible. Nowadays your home PC has programs that can create professional looking wedding stationery for literally nothing! There are many templates available online for you to make beautiful invitations and print them out yourself. You can easily create the cake yourself with help from a friend who is confident with baking. Again, many recipes are available online and a few practices will make perfect. Photography is a very popular hobby these days and you are sure to know someone, or know someone who knows someone, who is a keen photographer and would happily photograph your wedding. You can also use the method of leaving disposable cameras on tables so guests can take pictures of your special day.

You can get married almost anywhere. If you can't afford a castle then why not see if a relative or friend with a big garden could help you out. A summer wedding in a lovely garden looks fantastic on film and in photographs. Wedding venues will often offer great deals if they have a cancellation. This will mean you have to organise the rest of your wedding around the date you are given, but you could get a real bargain.

Your wedding dress is a very important part of the happiest day of your life. Though they often cost four figures don't compromise on a dream dress just to keep your budget down. Stores such as Debenhams and even Asda sell wedding dresses for under £100 and it is surprisingly cheap to have a professional dressmaker adjust the dress. eBay is a great place to buy second hand wedding dresses, so you can buy something by Vera Wang for just a few hundred pounds.

A wedding isn't complete without the evening's entertainment. It doesn't have to cost the earth, shop around for your wedding DJ and you could get excellent prices, especially if you find a DJ who is only just starting out. You may know an aspiring singer and if they're good enough, why not get them to do a set in the evening to add a really personal touch to your wedding.

Don't forget that showing how in love you are as a couple is not dependent on how much you spend on a wedding. The wedding is one day, the marriage is meant to be for the rest of your life and whether it takes a place in a grand castle or a registry office, it will be a wonderful occasion for everyone.

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