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Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Your perfect cake, delicious meal, carefully picked colour scheme and pretty bridesmaids are meaningless without every bride's most important part of the wedding. No, not the groom....the dress! The wedding dress comes in every colour, fabric, style and price imaginable. Choosing it can take months so get plenty of friends to help you look through bridal stores and magazines and remember that the first dress you try on will almost certainly not be the one you end up getting married in. Try on as many as it takes to find the right one. When choosing your dress, remember that a timeless style will mean your photos will look stunning forever. The puffy sleeves of the 80s and 90s were bang on trend back then but now look very dated. What is in fashion now may not be in 5 years, but there are plenty of styles that have been in fashion for 50 years or more so if you want a dress that you can pass on to future generations there are many options available to you.

An increasing amount of people are saving huge amounts of money by buying a dress second hand and having it professionally fitted. eBay offers many high-quality used wedding dresses and you could end up buying a Vera Wang piece for just a couple of hundred pounds. There are also many sites that specialise in selling used wedding dresses. If you choose to buy new, there is no need to spend thousands on your dream dress as many companies sell dresses for under £1000. The simple styles that are so classic and flatter any body shape are frequently only £200-£500. These very simple styles are great for a beach wedding and for the minimalist weddings that are proving increasingly popular.

Though white and ivory are the colours that immediately come to mind when choosing your dream dress, many brides choose to marry in their favourite colour. If this is not your first marriage, why not be different to the first one and get married in a vibrant red or blue. More and more colours and fabrics are available for your gown all the time and this makes it easy to find matching bridesmaids' dresses.

If simple and classic isn't your thing, you can choose from a number of styles. Which one you choose is down to personal preference and what you know looks good on you. You can choose a beaded and sequinned dress with a huge train, a dramatic full-skirt or a full-on princess style dress. Anything goes these days with wedding gowns, so you can show off your legs with a mini skirt design or your back with a beautiful backless dress. If you're not fond of your arms, it is perfectly acceptable to team your dress with a matching bolero jacket.

Remember to have regular fittings as the stress and excitement of becoming a bride can make your weight fluctuate. A fitting as little as a few days before the big day is advised to make sure you look your absolute best on the happiest day of your life.


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