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How To Choose Your Wedding Rings

Gold Wedding Rings

Your wedding rings are there to symbolise the everlasting love of marriage. You want to wear them for the rest of your life so it's important that you make the right choice of ring when you go shopping for them.

Remember when selecting your ring that you need to leave enough time before the wedding for adjustments to be made.

It is best to pick a ring that is the same metal as your engagement ring as conflicting metals can damage and tarnish each other. An expert will be able to tell you whether your choice of wedding ring will affect your engagement ring.


There are many different styles of ring to choose from and that's before you've picked out your choice of metal. A contemporary idea that is becoming quite popular is setting a gem set within your wedding band. Take care if you go for this option that you don't choose too many stones, or it will become confusing as to which is your engagement ring and which is your wedding ring.

Thinner plain bands are also becoming popular, with the groom wearing a slightly wider ring than the bride. If you are the type to always go for what's in fashion, be careful. You should always choose something timeless rather than trendy so that your ring will still look amazing to you for decades to come. If you don't see anything you like at a high street jewellers then look into a consultation with a ring designer. It isn't always as expensive as you'd think to do it this way, and you're guaranteed something unique and personal.


When choosing the metal for your ring, it's very much about personal preference. Gold is a classic choice. Though platinum is rising in popularity, gold remains the top choice for a couple getting married. It's important to remember that gold comes in several shades; yellow, pink and white are all subtly different.

White Gold Wedding Ring Set White gold is a versatile choice that looks great with your silver jewellery but will need to be plated about once a year with rhodium. Different shades of gold can be combined within a ring for a contemporary but classic feel. Second to gold in popularity is platinum, known for its hardwearing qualities and beautiful white-silver colour. It is however a pricey metal and not nearly as easy to clean as its alternative, white gold.

You may not have thought to choose palladium, but it's just as strong as platinum. It is slightly lighter in colour and weight, but is not as sought after and therefore more affordable. Another light metal is titanium which is favoured by a lot of grooms as it is so light they often don't really notice they're wearing it. Its grey colour is very industrial and masculine looking. The downside with choosing titanium is that it is so hardwearing it is nearly impossible to resize.

Buying The Rings

Your rings will of course be extremely special to you and are usually a big investment. The internet is great place to research styles and companies, but it is not advised to buy your rings online. Choose a reputable company that is well established to buy your ring from. Spend time with the jewellers you shortlist to try as many styles as it takes to make your final decision.

The rings of the bride and groom don't have to exactly match. For a symbol of your love, why not look into getting a message engraved into the inside of the rings. The message can be each other's names or maybe even your wedding date.

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