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Weddings Cornwall
Weddings Cornwall
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Nicola Lawry Handmade Glass
Nicola Lawry Handmade Glass
Fused glass makes the perfect gift for any wedding or special occasion.
Phoenix Cottage
Phoenix Cottage
Spacious three bedroom detached self-catering accommodation
DJ Services Cornwall (DJSC)
DJ Services Cornwall (DJSC)
DJ Cornwall Services specialises in high-quality music and production for weddings and events.
Maria Lucas Bridal Hair and Makeup
Maria Lucas Bridal Hair and Makeup
Effortlessly beautiful boho hair and make-up.
Your Beautiful Day UK
Your Beautiful Day UK
Beautiful makeup for your beautiful day.
Art Of Weddings
Art Of Weddings
We specialise in hosting the best wedding fairs in Cornwall.

Cornish Wedding Themes

Cornish flag, St Pirans flag

If you're planning on having a Cornish theme to your wedding, but you're short of ideas and in need of inspiration then read on - you'll probably be surprised at the amount of Cornish products that could be incorporated into your wedding.

If we've missed something that you think should be included below, please contact us

Cornish Clothing

  • Cornish Tartan Kilts
  • Tartan Cravats
  • Tartan Ties
  • Black Kilts with white shirts
  • Bridesmaids in black and white dresses or black and gold dresses
  • Tartan ribbon for accessorising hair bands, jewellery or belts
  • St Pirans Cufflinks


  • St Pirans flags
  • Napkins and table cloths with St Pirans flag design
  • Napkins and table cloths in Cornish Tartan
  • Black table cloths with white napkins
  • Tables named after local places/beaches
  • Pebbles or shells to decorate tables
  • Table centre pieces using glass vases filled with sand, pebbles or shells
  • Table centre pieces using sandcastles with Cornish flags
  • Pebbles for creating seating place names


  • Cornish fudge
  • Handmade Tartan pouches
  • Organza bags tied with Tartan
  • Lucky charm Cornish pixies
  • Cornish sticks of rock
  • Beach themed favours
  • Miniature scrumpy cider bottles
  • Miniature bottles of Cornish mead
  • Cornish themed tea towels
  • Cornish themed handkerchiefs


Handmade stationery decorated with:-
  • St Pirans flag
  • Cornish Tartan
  • Local images
  • Beach picture with heart drawn in the sand

Wedding Cakes

  • Tiered display of scones with jam and Cornish clotted cream
  • Saffron cake
  • Heavy cake
  • Wedding cake complimented with Cornish fudge
  • Decorate using Cornish Tartan ribbon
  • Use St Pirans flag to decorate the cake


  • Cornish Pasties
  • Scones
  • Cornish clotted cream
  • Locally caught fish and shellfish
  • Saffron cake
  • Heavy cake
  • Cornish fudge
  • Cornish cheeses
  • Cornish chutneys
  • Cornish ice cream


  • Cornish mead
  • Scrumpy cider
  • Cornish real ales
  • Cornish wines
  • Cornish spring water


  • Narcissus Daffodil
  • Cornish anemones
  • Sweet peas
  • Lily of the valley
  • Arum lilies
  • Agapanthus
  • Violets
  • Freesias


  • Cornish copper
  • Cornish tin
  • Cornish arts and crafts
  • Cornish hampers
  • Celtic jewellery
  • Cornish pottery
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