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Evening Wedding Entertainment

Your wedding is a chance to throw a huge party for all your favourite people so the entertainment in the evening must be top notch and there are so many options available to you.

The first thing to think about when choosing your wedding entertainment is the reception. If you have a budget that only allows for a registry office and a small reception then a 10-piece big band won't be for you. A wedding DJ is a classic choice for a reception and is guaranteed to have something for everyone. Usually costing between £200 and £800, you can easily get your 'our song' to be played. It's also worth looking into local young DJs who are just starting out as they are sometimes happy to offer their services for very little or even completely free.

For guaranteed party atmosphere, a live band can't be beaten. They are more expensive than a DJ (£700-£2000) but you can be very specific in the style you want. Whether a swing band is your thing, or just a party band, there is always a band that can cater to your tastes. If you know a decent singer you can save money by having them perform a set or two in the evening for your reception and will add a personal touch to the special day. If you want live music during your reception meal you can hire a piano vocalist for usually less than £500. Both a band and a DJ are a good option as they are fully self-contained and will pack away their equipment themselves so all you have to worry about is enjoying yourself.

An increasingly popular option these days is the casino. You can hire casino tables for your venue and everyone will feel like they're in a James Bond film. This is particularly effective at a wedding where you have specified black tie. 5 tables can be hired for around £1000 but make sure you find out if croupiers are included. Alternative options include fireworks for the evening, which can be easily done DIY. These are particularly effective for a winter wedding, and there is no-one who doesn't love a good fireworks display. You may also want to provide some entertainment for the kids such a magician (the adults can enjoy this too).

As with everything else in the wedding, tailor it to your own personal preferences. If you frequent comedy clubs then you may know of an up-and-coming comedian who for an affordable fee will perform at your wedding. You may also want a dance show which will look stunning as part of the wedding video. Finally, for those who love to show off you can't go far wrong by hiring a karaoke system for your wedding. Again, this will be brilliant as part of the video and will give you and your new husband a chance to sing a duet to each other. Whether the singing is good, bad or ugly, karaoke is always fun.

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