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Holiday Accommodation Cornwall, Hotels, Self Catering Cottages

Accommodation in Cornwall - Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts

The chances are that some of your friends or family will live outside of the county and will need somewhere to stay to attend your wedding. One of the good things about Cornwall is that there's a vast amount of places to stay - from camping and caravanning sites to 5 star accommodation, so your guests may decide to stay for a few extra days and make a holiday out of it.

If your wedding is in the summer months then your guests will need to book their accommodation well in advance to ensure that they can stay somewhere close to your wedding venue - or even at the venue. If they want to stay at your venue they may be able to get a discount for being part of your guest list, however this may depend upon the numbers when booking.

For camping / caravanning it obviously depends on the time of year as to whether this would be suitable, but as you probably already know, you can have a thoroughly enjoyable holiday in Cornwall on a shoestring budget by staying at a campsite.

Camping will not be suitable or appropriate for everyone, and there are plenty of self-catering holiday cottages to choose from, and not to mention B&B's, hotels and guest houses.

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