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Planning Your Wedding Gift List

Compiling your wedding list has to be one of your wedding planning highlights. At a basic level it's essentially listing presents for yourself - what could be better than that? They are very practical too, the best way of ensuring you get what you really want and need for your married life.
Wedding Gifts Guests often want to present you with personally chosen gifts and that is the biggest problem many couples face. Make sure your list has gifts to suit every budget. A list is essential if you don't want to end up with 20 gravy boats and 8 knife-blocks. There is nothing presumptuous about having a wedding list, it is only if you try to force your wedding list on your guests that it will be considered poor taste.

Types of Gift Lists

There are various different types of gift lists. Department stores like Debenhams or House of Fraser offer a gift service so that guests can easily visit the store and pick a gift for you that suits their budget. After your wedding, the store will send you a list of who bought what so you know who to send your thank you letters to. There is an increasing popularity in online list services. These work very much in the same way as department store lists (in fact many department stores now offer an online service for wedding lists). Specialist gift services are also an option, particularly for couples who have already lived together for a long time and have most of what they need. Companies like Wedgwood and Royal Doulton offer a specialist list service.

Making The List

When it comes to making the list, you need to know what to ask for. This will depend very much on whether you are a young couple setting up a home for the first time, or a couple in their 40s on perhaps not their first marriage. A young couple can use a list to request all the basics: pans, cutlery, bed linen, china etc. If you are a couple who have lived together for a while you will probably have most of the staple items and can use the list to ask for gifts you wouldn't buy yourself, such as leather photo albums or kitchen gadgets like a coffee machine. Even if you are a well-off couple and don't feel you need anything, you can still create a wedding list. Some couples ask for unusual ingredients for their cupboard if they are cooking enthusiasts, or favourite wines.

Letting Your Guests Know

If you set up your wedding list with a company or store, there will usually be options on how to let guests know about your list. You can include a copy of it in their wedding invitation (it is important that the list is sent out at least 3 months before the wedding to give your guests a chance to buy your gift). If you wouldn't feel right presenting them with the list then you could wait for guests to contact you about it (this happens quite a lot). If you follow all this advice, you can be guaranteed that at the end of your wedding you'll only end up with ONE gravy boat.

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