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The Perfect Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue needs to be chosen with great care. It must not only complement the style of wedding you want, but must be somewhere all the guests you want to come can reach. You have so many options available to you and there is much to think about for the venue to fulfil all your specifications.

The first thing to remember is that the wedding is for you and the love of your life to be joined in a traditional union.

So if you want the wedding to be just the 2 of you plus your very nearest and dearest in a small ceremony, then you don't need that to stop a massive party in the evening.

The ceremony and the reception can be completely separate if you wish. Many couples like to have a small and subtle ceremony in a registry office with close friends and family, then blow the budget on a lavish reception for everybody. A registry office is especially good value and a great option for those couples trying to keep costs down.

The most traditional option of all for the ceremony is a church. Considering how beautiful a traditional English church will look in your photographs, it is suprisingly inexpensive to marry in one. They are usually around the same price as a registry office though if you want extras such as the church choir you may have to pay extra. Another reason for having a separate ceremony and reception is if you get married abroad. You can have your gorgeous wedding on a tropical beach, then have a big party with your extended family and friends when you return to the UK.

For your reception, it's important to think of how many guests are attending. This will dictate the size of venue you require. If over 100 guests are attending, try and choose somewhere that specialises in wedding receptions. This will take some of the weight of planning off your shoulders. Many specialist-reception venues offer in-house catering teams and even entertainment so you can get a great package deal. Make sure you find out very carefully what is included in the package so you don't get hit with hidden extra costs.

Another important thing to think about when choosing your ceremony and reception venue is the photographs. If you just choose a venue based on its capacity then your photos might suffer. Choose a venue that suits your wedding's theme and try and choose somewhere that has attractive gardens so if you are blessed with fabulous weather you can have some beautiful outdoor photos for the wedding album.

The clean and simple lines of a registry office can look just as good as the opulent decor in a castle, so don't let a low budget make you feel bad about where you end up holding your wedding ceremony. And remember, the idea of a wedding is to show how much you love your significant other. The venue doesn't have to cost the earth to make your day amazing.


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