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The Wedding Cake

The moment when you and your new husband cut the cake together is a memorable part of any wedding, so it's important to pick the exact cake you want. Cake-makers can create any design you like and you are certainly not limited to just fruit cake.

If you are having your cake made by a professional there are a few things you need to clarify. Make sure the budget you set yourself is stuck to by the designer. It's not fair if they agree to it and then when the cake is complete say that you owe them more than originally discussed. Also ensure that the cake's delivery to your wedding venue will be on time and included in the cost. Check if they make favours too as this may end up in you getting a discount. Always ask to see the designer's work in a portfolio, especially more recent designs.

The design of the cake is entirely up to you. A traditional tiered design is still the timeless and most popular option. It always looks dramatic for your photographs and is eye-catching at the reception too. You can also have one huge cake layer which allows for a very intricate and dramatic design on the top. Your cake can be decorated with all kinds of things such as flowers, fruit and chocolate leaves.

The cake's design is not the only thing you must think about. As was said earlier, a fruit cake is not the only option. You can have a light sponge, jam filled with white icing. This is just as easy to style and ice as a fruit cake so it's up to you. An increasingly popular option is a chocolate cake with white chocolate icing. On the outside it is indisinguishable from a regular fruit cake but the chocaholics amongst you will love the chocolate cake option. You can even have one tier of fruit cake, one of sponge and one of chocolate cake if you want to cater for all your guests. Remember also that a chocolate cake will melt in the hot sun.

Alternatively you could do what Celine Dion did for her wedding and have a mountain of profiteroles in the place of a cake. A popular idea for contemporary weddings is a chocolate fountain which can be used instead of a cake or alongside it. If you are on small budget you are bound to know a keen baker and for a small fee or nothing at all they can make you a cake. This makes your wedding more personal and keeps costs down.

If you want to cut the cake traditionally the knife should be in the bride's right hand and the groom's hand should be placed over the top. It's wise to play it safe and cut into the bottom tier. Many wedding cakes collapse because the couple attempt to cut the cake from the top. This may be hilarious for the video, but it's probably not what you want for your special day.


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