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Themed Weddings

Your wedding can be as unique as you are. The wedding's theme doesn't need to be restricted to just colours, you can theme your wedding to anything you like and everything from the flowers to the bridesmaids to the food can match the theme.A popular idea is linking the theme of your wedding to the season. An Autumn wedding can be coloured with russets, reds and golds and you can hold a fireworks display in the evening. In the Winter you can use colder colours and decorate your venue with ice sculptures and fairy lights. A Summer wedding needs roses, butterflies and al fresco dining. In the Spring you can use the most beautiful spring flowers.

You can also have a Christmas themed wedding with a full-on Christmas dinner, fairy lights and a beautiful tree. All these seasonal themes will look stunning in your wedding photographs and video.

A Medieval wedding is very dramatic and allows for a sumptuous banquet. You can have artificially-aged wedding stationery, wear a Medieval-styled dress and floral head-dress. You could even go all-out and hire a falconry display or even jousters. A company called Fantaysia can plan and design a whole Medieval wedding for you.

As flowers are such a cornerstone of any wedding's decor why not go one step further and have a flower-themed wedding. You can easily get floral-design crockery and have all the men at the wedding wear a floral buttonhole. Sugared-flowers can be involved in the cake and dessert of the reception meal.

If retro is your thing it's easy to have a vintage wedding. You can arrive in a vintage car and wear a classic wedding dress styled from the era of your choice. The era you choose for your vintage theme can also dictate the music you choose, whether it's a roaring 20s jazz band or a 70s disco. If you get married around Valentine's Day and love a bit of romance, you could use hearts in your decor. This includes the food and the wedding stationery.

If your tastes are a bit unusual then you can go crazy with your theme. A gothic theme is a fantastic dramatic look. Red roses, red and black dress code and lots of lace will create a very different atmosphere. If you or your fiancee are passionate about a certain sport you could incorporate it into the wedding. Why not have a rugby match after the ceremony? Or a football cake?

If you want to feel like a real princess on your wedding day then you can choose a Disney-esque dress and have your male guests in frock coats so they look like real Prince Charmings! There are many cake-making companies that will create a Cinderella castle cake too. A celestial wedding can be very beautiful. Fairy lights and black velvet create a night-sky and you could even get married outdoors at night under the stars. With a celestial theme, an angelic dress-code for you and the bridesmaids will look absolutely stunning.


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