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Get me to the Church on Time!

Your trip to the church is very's not just about arriving on time. You want to arrive in style and there are countless ways of doing this. You can make it incredibly personal to you and your partner and your choice of transport can make a fantastic photograph for your wedding album.

When choosing your wedding car treat it as if you were buying a real car. You wouldn't just buy a car from some online photos, so don't trust the gorgeous photos in a brochure. Always view your wedding car to make sure it's what you want. Also check there are no hidden costs such as VAT, a chauffeur and fuel costs.

If your wedding is very traditional then why not choose a horse and carriage. This can prove quite expensive but nothing is more timeless and beautiful for photographs.

Anything from a small pony and trap to a 4-horse-drawn carriage can be hired and you will look and feel a million dollars greeting your wedding guests.

Another classic option (and one that is usually cheaper than a horse and carriage) is a classic car from the 1920s-1950s. Popular choices are a Rolls Royce, a vintage Austin, a Mercedes or a Daimler. If your wedding's theme is more modern you may want to arrive in a more modern Mercedes or Rolls, or even a limo. Limos are a great option if you also want to transport the bridesmaids and mother of the bride. All arriving together and coming out of a limo with tinted windows is a very glamorous way of entering your wedding. The photos will look fabulous. Also very glamorous is a modern sports car. If your wedding is in the summer then you could hire an open topped roadster such as a Porsche Boxster or a Ferrari F355 which will catch everyone's attention, especially the men.

If your tastes are quirky and you like being a little bit tongue in cheek then why not have some fun and arrive in something kitsch like a white Ford Capri (just about any car is available to hire).

Some couples like to go retro with a Morris Minor or similar. Make your choice of wedding transport personal to you.

If one of you has always owned and loved Minis then you'll adore arriving in a snow-white classic Mini. If you are an outdoors couple who live in the country, love outdoor pursuits or maybe even own horses then it will make a wonderful statement if you arrive in a white classic Land Rover. Your choices are limitless and you can be as crazy as you like. Be the first couple to leave the wedding venue in a rickshaw, or on a tandem bicycle.

If you have a budget to think about then try and find a rich friend or relative who will happily lend their posh car for your special day. Many people will be happy to let you borrow their Porsche or Bentley in return for some beautiful photographs of their car.


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