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Catering For Your Wedding

The food at your wedding reception can mean the difference between happy guests and disgruntled ones. Choose your caterer carefully and think of all the guests when choosing and designing the menu.
Wedding Catering The first thing to consider of course is your budget. To some couples the finest wines and most glorious delicacies are worth splashing out on, but for others the food will come second to the entertainment and 'look' of the big day. As a vague guide, an average of 40% of the total budget of a wedding is spent on the reception.

If your wedding has a strong theme then the menu can easily be incorporated to match. An example is a Mediaeval Banquet with bread and cheese, pints of ale and wild meats. If your wedding is very traditionally British then why not proudly serve the best of English food, a roast with all the trimmings and spotted dick and custard for pudding.

If your wedding's colour scheme is blue or green, you could serve seafood. A salmon starter followed by a tuna steak for the main course provides variety and your wedding cake can be decorated with seashells for an unusual theme. Some other very unusual ideas are providing guests with picnic hampers for alfresco dining if you are having a summer wedding. This is a wonderful way of getting guests to mingle and adds an informal atmosphere to your special day.

Think of all the guests that are attending your reception. If there are going to be children there then you will have to provide child-friendly food. A 5 year old is unlikely to be able to handle lobster and caviar! Similarly, find out if you have vegetarians attending so you can cater for them too. Often a buffet is a very cost-effective and safe option so there is something for everyone.

When you've chosen your caterer and selected your menu make sure you know whether there are 'hidden extras'. Are you going to have to hire waiting staff or will your catering company provide these too? Will they clean up afterwards or are they simply providing the food? Do they even provide the crockery and cutlery, or are you going to have to hire that serparately too?

Wedding food It all has to be considered and taken into account. If the venue you have chosen for the wedding is designed especially for receptions then you may have some of the stress taken out of choosing a caterer as they may have their own in-house catering team. You still have the option of choosing an outside caterer or even doing the food yourself.
A great way of adding a personal touch to your wedding and saving a substantial amount of money is clubbing together with some friends and family and creating your dream menu in a do-it-yourself way. As with creating your own cake, practise makes perfect and you'll get a real sense of achievment by designing and cooking your very own wedding banquet.
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