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Colour Schemes for Your Wedding

Your wedding should reflect you and your groom, that is what the special day is about. You have picked a dress that is perfect for you, so the theme of your wedding should be just as individual. A colour scheme is very important and should be incorporated into everything from the bridesmaids to the flowers to the balloons. There are many traditional colour schemes that have different meanings, as well as some colours that are to be avoided.
Pink Wedding Colour Scheme For some, a traditional white wedding means everything is white. The beauty of roses is that they come naturally in many colours and white roses make a beautiful statement. Take care if you choose white that your bridesmaids don't just look like brides in their white gowns. Deep colours like burgundy and forest green are ideally suited to winter weddings.

You can include holly and bracken in your table centerpieces for a winter wedding with dark green as the colour scheme. It's worth remembering that your venue's carpets and wall decor need to be taken in to account. If your dream wedding is pink and your venue has navy carpets, you will either have to rethink your colour scheme or your venue.

Lilac is a contemporary theme and symbolises the colour of first love. The lilac flower has a delicate fragrance and the colour is very soft and feminine for any time of year. Metallics are very much in fashion at the moment and you can easily have a gold or silver themed wedding. If you are renewing your wedding vows for a gold or silver anniversary this is a very nice touch. Red and ivory complement a gold scheme whilst silver is complemented by strong pinks and aqua blues. You may think that if you choose a very feminine scheme such as pink that the men can't be involved.

Pink Theme But subtle details like the ties and the handkerchiefs can follow your theme. If you are lucky enough to have an exotic wedding at a beach resort you can choose ocean colours which will look stunning on your bridesmaids and give your wedding a very vibrant look. You can even have a gothic wedding with blood red roses and black lace detailing.

Whatever scheme you choose, remember that the colour options on everything from dresses to flowers is virtually limitless. You don't ever need to feel you are limited by what is available to you in terms of fabrics and florals.

Things to avoid are mixing too many colours. Pick two that complement each other and try and stick to them, as picking lots of different colours can make the scheme look messy...very few couples want a rainbow wedding! Equally, avoid limiting yourself to one block colour. Even if your scheme is blue, there are infinite shades available. Just sticking to one shade will create a look that is too severe. The exception to this rule is white, where sticking to the one colour creates a crisp and contemporary look.

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