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Wedding Gift Ideas

Popular Gifts for the Bride and Groom

Putting some time and thought into the wedding gifts that you buy for the bride and groom can really help make their whole wedding experience special for them. You can of course, buy something for both of them but, alternatively, if you prefer you can buy something that each of them can use and/or treasure individually.

Gift Ideas

There are various types of gifts that might suit you here. For example:

  • Personalised gifts; giving personalised gifts can be a very special thing. You could, for example, get personalised towels or clothes such as dressing gowns or aprons. It's a nice touch to have the personalisation read 'Bride' and 'Groom' or 'Mr' and 'Mrs'! Another option is personalised jewellery; you could for example, give the groom a pair of monogrammed cufflinks and the bride a piece of personalised jewellery also.
  • Fun gifts; putting together a fun gift such as a 'Bride's Kit' and a 'Groom's Kit' may also be successful. You can buy these kits ready-made or make them up yourself which allows you to be a bit more personal. Or, you could put together Honeymoon kits if you prefer.
  • Experience days; the bride and groom can feel a bit flat once they come back from their honeymoon so this kind of gift can given them a real boost. So, you could, for example, give the groom tickets to a football match and the bride a voucher to a local spa. They can both go off and treat themselves at the same time!
  • Matching photo frames; buying matching photo frames is always a nice touch and you could add engravings here to make them even more special.
  • Honeymoon contribution; arranging and paying for a wedding can be extremely expensive nowadays and sometimes the bride and groom can find it hard to afford their perfect honeymoon. So, you could give some cash toward the cost or some foreign currency for them to treat themselves with when they get there.


Bear in mind that most brides and grooms nowadays will put together a wedding list with a wedding registry service. This allows you to choose a gift that you know that they will like/need and you'll be able to choose from different price ranges in most cases. Remember, the key thing here when choosing gifts for the bride and groom is to try and get them something that they will treasure and/or find useful.


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