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How To Dress The Men At Your Wedding!

The bridal gown is chosen so carefully that it is easy to overlook the men at your wedding. The groom, best man, father of the bride, ushers and groom's father should all be dressed to complement each other.
Wedding Suits Your men will all have to be kitted out with appropriate suits. There are many different styles, but whichever style is chosen, everyone will have to wear it. When it comes to the fitting, try and get all the men together to be fitted at the same place, whether you're hiring or buying. This will allow you to see what the finished look will be on the big day.

The most popular option is the morning suit. Historically, weddings were always held in the morning (a wedding breakfast would follow). Traditionally a morning wedding would be where a man wears a morning suit, and a later wedding would require an evening suit. Nowadays, the morning suit is an elegant choice for any time of the day. It is made up of a penguin dress coat, tails and a top hat. This is teamed with either plain or pinstripe trousers. A waistcoat of any colour (match this to your colour scheme) is worn along with a cravat. If your wedding is a less formal affair with a modern twist, go for a tailored jacket instead of tails and go without the top hat.

A dinner suit (black tie) is an ideal choice for a summer ball or grand evening reception. Inform your guests in the invitation if you opt for black tie. It involves a black dinner jacket, tapered trousers suitable for braces and an evening shirt with a silk bow-tie. Shoes should be polished and black and worn with plain black socks. Again, this can be twisted for a modern-feel. The dinner suit can be any colour you like and the rules don't have to be stuck to rigidly.

Menswear This is YOUR wedding and it can be as individual as you like. If you want to go even more formal you could insist on white tie. You must wear a black evening tail coat, black dress trousers and a white waistcoat with your dress shirt and bow-tie. Trying to personalise the white tie can end up looking terrible, so its best to stick to the rules with it.

You could go for something a bit different with the frock coat. This is a very individual choice as a frock coat comes in any colour and a variety of fabrics. Fancy seeing your groom in purple velvet? It's a perfectly acceptable choice with a frock coat. At the other end of the spectrum is a uniformed wedding. Grooms in the armed forces often choose to marry in their uniform. This look is ceremonial and well suited to wedding traditions. If your groom has some Scots heritage, you may want to go for a Highland morning or evening dress. This includes a kilt of course. This look is very popular and the use of one tartan for the kilts guarantees the men at your wedding will all match.

Finally, you can keep things simple by opting for any smart suit. This is especially popular for outdoor weddings and beach weddings.

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