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Wedding Cars Cornwall

Wedding Cars, Limousines, Horse & Carriage Hire in Cornwall

For the bride it's often mentioned that the journey to the wedding ceremony is where you realise that your long-awaited day is finally becoming a reality after all those months of careful planning.

The journeys to and from the wedding ceremony are a special part of the occasion for the bride, as they are the last as a single woman and the first as a married woman - in most cases!

There are various options for arriving to your wedding ceremony in style, from a horse and carriage to a ferrari.

A horse and carriage will provide a unique experience and is part of the fairytale wedding that's dreamed about.

Although you will only want to travel a short distance by horse and carriage, maybe just the final stretch, it will mean the last part of the journey is relaxing and peaceful - and you'll be the centre of attention with any onlookers.

Should you decide that hiring a wedding car is more suitable then you'll have a variety of styles to choose from. You'll find that certain companies will specialise in hiring a particular type of car, and it's worth checking to see if any extras are included, such as flowers in the car, or maybe a glass of wine.

A vintage car is a popular choice and if you incorporate it into your wedding photos then it will certainly add class. A limo will provide comfort and privacy, and a prestige/sports car will help you make an impressive arrival - although, if go for a sports car consider how practical it will be when you're in your dress.

If you would like to arrive or depart in a very different style then have a look at our list of alternative transport.

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