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: 2008 trends
: sacback 18 March, 2008, 21:44:17
I found a couple of sites with the top trendsfor weddings in 2008: ( (

: Re: 2008 trends
: skatss 29 March, 2008, 15:18:50
The sites give some great information. Thanks for telling us about them. Two good places to watch the trends.

: Re: 2008 trends
: AmberLooca 22 July, 2009, 11:16:26
Hello there!
While getting ready to my wedding Iím anticipating some problem. I canít decide where to get married and where to spend the honeymoon. This is unique time in our lives and I donít want to spoil it by making bad choice. So, after searching for hours in the network, I found really interesting Greek portal  . Thanks to this portal Im thinking to have my wedding and honeymoon in Greece. Maybe Santorini island?  I  imagine that must be very romantic placeÖ sea, sunsets, history... Maybe you have some other ideas? Your experience?
Amber :)))

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