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: Does martimonial websites help?
: jr_sci 22 March, 2008, 19:46:32
Does matrimonial websites help to find a perfect soulmate? I tried and tried but ultimately landed up in finding some aged brides in search of suitable grooms.
Do we have an international portal for marriage counseling as well as finding perfect soulmate?

: Re: Does martimonial websites help?
: skatss 27 March, 2008, 12:54:03
I really don't think these sites help at all. The sites you spoke about sound like a dating site to me. If you want to get married finding someone off the Internet might not be the best place to go. After all, if you get married you might end up losing everything. I would rather meed someone in person, date for a while, get to know them, and then marry. Marriage is nothing to rush into.

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