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: Wedding Planner?
: skatss 29 March, 2008, 15:22:12
Would you hire a wedding planner? I think it's great to be able to do something like this. Someone will be around to help you out and help organize when to hire the photographer, caterer, get the flowers and such. They're also goo to handle all the problems that pop up. The last thing a bride needs is a problem a week before the big day. If you can afford a planner it's the best way to go.

: Re: Wedding Planner?
: xx bride 12 May, 2008, 15:56:40
a friend of mine had a wedding planner and highly recommends having one.she had a lovely stress free wedding,she could relax and enjoy it all.

: Re: Wedding Planner?
: AmberLooca 22 July, 2009, 11:18:41
Hello there!
While getting ready to my wedding Iím anticipating some problem. I canít decide where to get married and where to spend the honeymoon. This is unique time in our lives and I donít want to spoil it by making bad choice. So, after searching for hours in the network, I found really interesting Greek portal  . Thanks to this portal Im thinking to have my wedding and honeymoon in Greece. Maybe Santorini island?  I  imagine that must be very romantic placeÖ sea, sunsets, history... Maybe you have some other ideas? Your experience?
Amber :)))

: Re: Wedding Planner?
: MichelleM 15 July, 2010, 10:53:33
How about a DIY wedding instead of a wedding planner? It will save you up a lot. It is really a challenge to prepare for your own wedding but hey you're happy right so no problem! I was just looking around for good wedding cards ( that I can use for my invitations since I want to make it look more of a DIY wedding.

: Re: Wedding Planner?
: Ali Berry 11 September, 2010, 10:36:36
A wedding planning can take away all the stress of organising your wedding.   You can hand over the elements which you are finding stressful or time consuming.  Wedding planners will also SAVE YOU MONEY as they use suppliers all the time and often have negotiated better rates with them.  But for a of brides, planning the wedding themselves is part of the process.
 If, however, you plan everything on your own, I think that it is ESSENTIAL to have someone there on the day to make sure that the venue and church are set up properly, to meet suppliers and take care of any last minute mishaps, and to make sure that everything runs according to schedule. 
There are many brides who spent hours and months planning the wedding, only to have it all fall apart on the day because no-one is in charge.  Don't rely on the photographer or Caterers to know every detail of your wedding.  and the Best man wants to relax and enjoy your wedding, not run around with a list of errands.
I definitely recommend an On the Day co-ordinator.  This is definitely the area where money is best spent!!

: Wedding Plans that will save you money and time
: estherchou 19 November, 2010, 08:22:06
Planning a beautiful wedding is easy to do, if you want to spend a lot of money. If a budget needs to be followed, your wedding day can be just as lovely, sweet and unique. Making decisions on what is important to have and what you can do without is the key. This is the time to discuss and right down your wedding plans.The first thing to remember is that every wedding has a budget. Establishing what the budget will be is a personal decision, and one that needs to be discussed at the beginning. It is really easy to nickel and dime yourself to death and end up spending so much more money than what is affordable.Where to hold the event can be a large portion of the wedding budget. Consider holding it in a local park or maybe even a friends beautiful back yard. Choosing to cut back on the expense of the venue will open up the budget and allow more money on other things that are more important.Choosing the right wedding dress is exciting, and one that should provide a wonderful memory. If the wedding is going to be held in a more simple setting, perhaps choosing a simple dress should be considered. But it is important to remember that this is a special day, and the dress that will adorn the bride should be one that represents who she is. When the bride to be tries on the right dress, she will know it.Depending on the time of year, the reception can be held outside. Renting tables from a rental supply store is not that expensive. A barbecue is always nice in the spring, summertime or early fall and the salads and side dishes that compliment the meat that will be served can fill everyone up nicely. Ask friends and family to help prepare the food rather than hiring a catering service. This will save tons of money and will provide a very sweet reception, where everyone will be comfortable and should have a great time.Picking out the wedding cake is the fun part. Choose the colors that are in the wedding, and choose a style that reflects your event. It does not have to be all that expensive, but it does have to be something the couple loves and represents them. If the budget is strict in other areas, loosen up here and order something that you really love.Your wedding plans are very important and will be a blue print of your wedding. Remember that it is a very special event, and one that you will remember the rest of your life. Keep a budget, stick to it, but open it up in areas that are really important to the two of you. This day is all about the happy couple and should be unique to them.

: Re: Wedding Planner?
: Elena Iuliana 03 March, 2012, 14:34:58
I think that nowadays it's essential to apply for a wedding planner ( if you are to busy to organize every little detail of your event...

: Re: Wedding Planner?
: perfectbegginings 13 April, 2012, 13:25:27
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

My names Natalie, Ive been working for a wedding planner in Bristol for the last year and a half and have decided to set up my own buisness in this profesion, i have copious amounts of experience, working on just under 150 weddings last summer alone. To allow myself to get established, and built up a good book of references, im willing to offer my wedding planning services which could entail from just finding you guys your perfect venue, to helping to get the best flowers, or just finding the best deals for the budget you have, to a more full package of having me there on the day etc, for discount prices. You still get the same amazing services as normal, just at a lower price.
If you'd like more information, feel free to give me a call on 07824 635513, or drop me an e-mail to

Best wishes!

: Re: Wedding Planner?
: Elena Iuliana 24 April, 2012, 12:10:01
I think a wedding planner is ideal to be hired in our days, it's simpler this way...

wedding gowns (

: Re: Wedding Planner?
: zilcopl 07 January, 2016, 11:58:15
Do you have what it takes to become a wedding planner? I am constantly asked how to become a wedding planner so I would like to share some tips with you on how to go about chasing that dream and making it a reality.

Ogłowie rajdowe (

: Re: Wedding Planner?
: Layladavis 22 February, 2016, 15:44:55
A wedding planner is always  hardy as you cannot be able to Do It Yourself. The DIY though economical is very hectic.

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