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: getting married in church
: buttercup 16 August, 2008, 16:01:30
Hi. Me and my hubby-to-be want to get married in a church but aren't regular church-goers and the last time we went was over two years ago. Should we start going to church before even speaking to the vicar about getting married there? as I've heard that sometimes it's down to the vicar as to whether or not you can get married in the church. ???

: Re: getting married in church
: mrsdean 22 August, 2008, 22:14:33
I'm not sure about that, I think you have to live in the parish area of the church, or have a connection to it. But I might be wrong! so thats probably no help to you at all! x

: Re: getting married in church
: howardanderson 19 December, 2016, 05:13:54
There are also no legal restrictions for getting married on special days, like those around Easter, Christmas and other Bank Holidays. But the vicar will need to let .

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