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: "Candid" Wedding Photos
: Ricardo 05 February, 2008, 17:38:32
A few years ago a friend of ours was married. When we saw her weeks after, she handed me a handful of wedding photos, which included some of her in her undergarments before putting on her wedding gown.

They weren't terribly revealing and she looked attractive in them, but I was a little surprised that her photographer chose to include those moments in the portfolio.

Have you ever seen shots like that included?

: Re: "Candid" Wedding Photos
: sacback 14 March, 2008, 17:17:15
I've never heard of that before.  Maybe it was something they requested? ???

: Re: "Candid" Wedding Photos
: Ricardo 24 March, 2008, 17:21:51
I've never heard of that before.  Maybe it was something they requested? ???

I don't think so. If I remember correctly, the woman was just a little self-conscious when she realized that we were looking at the photos in her undergarments. But I guess she chose to leave them in the collection with the rest of the pictures.

: Re: "Candid" Wedding Photos
: skatss 27 March, 2008, 12:50:14
I have seen photos like these before but usually they were taken for just the bride and groom and close friends. I never saw them in a wedding album. I'm not sure how appropriate these pictures are but if the couple wants them then they should have the pictures taken.

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